CBD Products are a safe alternative to the drugs that big Pharma pushes on our medical community. Tree BD Products, Inc is taking a stand. We promise to work with community leaders, business owners, and the medical community to provide a safe alternative to opiates. We will work with other CBD providers to engage our legislative bodies to fight this crisis.


Our Story

A real need. As founder and president of Tree BD products, Inc. I noticed a real need. A need for CBD to become available to everyone. I personally witnessed the damage that opiates have caused and continue to cause in our society. I had previously thought that people that became damaged by opiates are not simply the junkies on the street, but they are me and you, our parents, our kids, our friends, and almost everyone in society.

In January of 2018, my father was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. This diagnosis was devastating, especially since my mother already had Alzheimer's disease. Luckily, my father was within 5 percent of people that could actually have surgery to remove the cancer. This surgery was invasive and risky; however, he successfully had the tumors removed. We were told that his margins were clear and that with a follow up chemo, he may have another ten years left to live.

Unfortunately, that outcome was not achieved. While recovering from surgery, he was prescribed opiates for pain management While taking these opiates, my father became someone else. He was unaware of his surroundings, constipated, refusing to eat, and eventually developed a horrible infection. He was placed in a nursing home with my mother to recover from the infection. While there, they continued to prescribe him opiates for pain. After multiple requests by myself, I finally convinced and ordered his doctors to stop giving him those medications.

Here was a man that was 180 pounds every day of his life, now dropped down to 130 pounds. He was depressed, refused to eat and spent half his time sleeping or unconscious. We would have tried anything to make him better. After some thought I brought him in CBD oils to place drops under his tongue. Within one week, he finally regained his appetite. Shortly after, his depression improved, and he was able to put on some weight After going through physical therapy, he was able to go home.

Please don't misunderstand, CBD did not cure his cancer. In fact, the opiates had made my father so ill that he was unable to receive the follow up chemo required to send the cancer into remission. The CBD absolutely provided symptom relief and played a major part in sending him home. I was fortunate enough to spend the last few months of his life with him outside a nursing facility. We watched my mother, his wife, pass away in August; however, we were there for one another. Unfortunately, my father passed away in October from his illness.

I don't blame cancer, I don't blame the doctors, but I do blame the opiate industry. Rather than live with guilt I look towards the future and set a personal goal to help others like me. Again, this wasn't a cure, but it was another 4 months of life with me. Again. CBD is not a cure for cancer. You don't need to have cancer to use CBD. CBD is an alternative way to deal with pain, anxiety, depression, hunger, and a symptom reliever for many problems.

CBD is now my passion. I plan on bringing my business experience and personal experiences to this industry. My goal is to provide as much relief to as many people as possible. While doing this, I hope you will join me in fighting an opiate crisis that is out of control. Let's have an impact together.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality CBD products to the entire state of North Carolina. We will consult with each CBD customer to assist in product selections. We are brining over wellness and the improvement of everyone's quality of life. We will educate the general public on the benefits of CBD products. We will provide CBD products that are THC free. We will partner with businesses and other industries that deal with pain management and overall well-being. We are not claiming to cure diseases; rather, claiming that we are here to provide symptom relief for a wide variety of occurrences.